R.O.C.K. Updates

“Leap of Faith” was finally held on November 29, 2010. at Banaba Center Covered Court. Though we are not that many we still had a time of fun with activities and games. The highlight of course was the preaching of the gospel by our guest speaker Bro. Angel Francisco. All was worth it. Please continue to pray for us as we do more godly activities for the LPU students.



We would like also to announce the fruitful activities of our ROCK PSU. With 50 attendance each Soul Fuel, ROCK PSU is used by God to proclaim His gospel over Palawan. Recently, Ptr. JR de Guzman of Faith Baptist Church of Bauan preach over their and 90 % of the attendees received Christ as Savior.

So we with the help of Good Shepherd Baptist Mission of San Pascual send 3 boxes of books to further help ROCK PSU to reach more students with the gospel. Please pray for the members and leaders of ROCK PSU to growth in the loving knowledge with Christ. And to Sir Hary Basio the adviser of ROCK PSU we salute you and more power to you!!!!!

ROCK will be having its Christmas Fellowship on December 17, 2010. This last activity for the year will include our Pre-DocuFest view of the film “God of Wonders” and our gift giving to less fortunate kids of Sta. Rita to be held on Dec. 19 at GSBM San Pascual. We are asking for members to give 20 Pesos or more for the gift giving. Some extra gifts will be giving to the Mangyan Mission over Mindoro.


Merry Christmas and A Godly New Year To All!!!!


ROCK Buzz as of September 28, 2010

DWYL LPU is not just an event by ROCK. In the midst of the program, God works and taught all of us. The program was well planned and I gave a two thumbs up to the leaders for their dedication to the organization. But problems arise from the event. We didn’t fill the Freedom Hall with the expected 500 student and teachers (our crowd is about 100+). The police team which will speak for us about drugs and crime prevention didn’t showed up (they were deployed). The crowd was a little bit hostile. Students are leaving. Our laptops and projectors are hanging up. Our president is getting discourage. Instead of the seminar we showed “Facing The Giants”. Ptr Mickel Borigas gave an evangelistic message. But as we assess the program from our post event meeting we all agree. Even though it turned that way, the gospel was preached. We believe that God did this for a purpose. We put in our minds that although this is the out come God is doing something for this org. We dont see it yet but we are praying that is His will. Still our table outreach is successful (with some high school students from a Catholic school having a educational trip taking tracts and booklets). Some students still endure to the end of the program (they are the ones who will get the certificate). Our LIMA (Marine courses) student was present and we are hoping to put a ROCK chapter over that school (still part of the Lyceum University).

Please continue to pray for us. We will have a meeting with different Baptist pastors over our home church this Monday Sept 27. A special meeting will be held this coming week to talk about the LIMA chapter of ROCK. Uphold us in prayers.

ROCK Buzz as of August 6, 2010

“What path you’re going determines your destination.”

These were the words from the message delivered by Rev. Steven Betts, on our anniversary.

July 31, 2010 marks a milestone of ROCK as it turns one year of committing to evangelize and disciple the LPU community. As we look back, we move forward to follow our call from God and submit everything to His sovereignty. Only He knows what’s in store this student organization.

Our time together to celebrate God’s goodness with games, songs, meditation and food hosted by Faith Baptist Church of Bauan Batangas headed by Ptr Jr De Guzman. We are also honored for having First Baptist Church of Ohio USA pastor Steven Betts as guest speaker and some of his members to come in this memorable event. Time and time again we are convince that His hands was on this program as He brought our guest speaker and attendees to make our celebration possible. We just need to listen and obey to Him. Please consider us in your prayers and generous gifts to help support this ministry. God bless you all!!!

More pictures and videos at our Facebook account.

ROCK BUZZ as of July 28, 2010

Banaba Center Covered Court was filled with echoes of games, songs and God’s Word as ROCK held its Team Building entitled “Arise and Stand Firm” last July 23, 2010. In preparation for our 1st anniversary on July 31, ROCK leaders and committee needed this activity to recharge and get uplifted as they lead this organization.

The activity ends with an inspirational talk by Alex Ocampo Jr. of Mount Zion Baptist Church. Tired and exhausted, but spiritually recharged participants  are now ready to go in high gear for ROCK.

More photos and videos at our Facebook Fan Page…

ROCK BUZZ as of June 26, 2010

Aside from blessing us partners like Desiring God and Lighting the Way International, we are now in partnership with Task Force Tagaligtas. We had the privilage of talking to Pastor Alex Ocampo, Provincial Director of TFT, about the our programs and how they can help this student organization. They will provide speakers for our upcoming event called Dont Waste Your Life LPU (DWYL LPU) and social  and spiritual activities for members to extent it to the community. Both nursing and non nursing courses members will benefit in this partnership as we bring holistic programs to the LPU community. Please continue to pray for us that it may bring the gospel and many will get to know Christ as their Savior and Lord…

ROCK BUZZ as of June 19, 2010

ROCK is currently in the process of renewing their organization as a pre requisite to be recognized in the coming school year. Please pray that we will meet the requirements and start to plan other activities for this year.

ROCK BUZZ as of May 21, 2010

Recently we had a meeting for leaders and committee. We appointed some as organization and committee leaders. The following are the new leaders of ROCK for 2010-2011:

President: Diane Rachel Calalo

Vice President: Arlyn Evangelista

Secretary: Diana Magboo

Treasurer: Edna Marie Custodio

PRO 1: Bez Comia

PRO 2: Christine Custodio

As of now, we finished the inventory for the books, shirts and pins. Some books will be given to incoming committee members and supporters. Shirts unclaimed and excess will be sold to churches and 100% of the sale will go to the orgs fund. As for the pins, it will be recycled for the next school year.

Membership and renewal is open. You can get the application forms from the leaders or download it on our blogsite “Get Involved” section.

Please continue to pray for us as we serve the LPU community with the love of the Lord.

ROCK BUZZ as of April 27, 2010

Congratulations to ROCK President Jason Caro and graphic artist Jr Balani for winning 1st and 4th runner up in the recent Ginoong Batangan 2010. We are proud of you!!!!

ROCK BUZZ as of April 3, 2010

ROCK Ministry will be having its Youth Camp on May 4-7, 2010 at the Boyscout Jamboree Site Makiling. Fee will be 750 that includes food and accommodation. More info coming soon…

ROCK’s President Jason Caro and graphic artist Jr Balani will be fighting for the title of Ginoong Batangan 2010. So guys please support our fellow members.

We are blessed to have supporters in our ministry. As a token of appreciation we will be sending them pin/buttons of our campus ministry. Desiring God who sponsor our books and booklets already received the buttons. Here some excerpts from their e-mail to us:

“Thank you, thank you, from both Pastor John and myself, for the personalized
R.O.C.K. buttons that were on my desk this morning!  I have been wearing mine
all day.  We appreciate your thoughtfulness.
We will trust God to lead on your plans for launching your next program, and
I am sending another form to request materials.  We cannot always meet
every request, as you know, but your unique program and faithful ministry is
inspiring to us and needs to be responded to as God provides.
Keep in touch, as you have been doing.
Easter Blessings,
International Outreach
Desiring God”
Let us all continue to pray for our next year program and reorganization of ROCK
God bless all of you…

ROCK BUZZ as of March 6, 2010

As a partners with Desiring God Ministries to tell the gospel Sir Harry gave his fellow clinical instructors “Fifty Reasons Why Jesus Came to Die” book.

We hope and pray many will be saved not just students but also there teachers.

ROCK BUZZ as of February 24, 2010

Monday February 22 was a holiday. But for R.O.C.K.it is a fun day! The 1st Makiling Youth Challenge was something that flex us not only physically but spiritually. Held in the very nest of nature and history, together with other young people of different Baptist churches, all enjoy the whole day with games, challenges, sighting seeing, picture taking, meditation and friendship.

The Boyscout Jamboree Site was filled with laughter and cheer which can be sum up with these words: God’s challenge for the youth. The message is clear, we should stand for this generation as salt and light in this wicked word. As soldiers of Christ we should never conform to the world and go against the wiles of the devil. Be the light that God has called us believers to be.

As we head home, we hope and pray that the memories and lesson will stick to us to enable us to fulfill what God mandates us to do.(more pictures and videos on our Fan Page)

This Tuesday, R.O.C.K.will participate in a Mission Conference. The complete story will  be posted soon. Please uphold us to God as we reach students for Christ.

ROCK BUZZ as of February 24, 2010

Our last Soul Fuel (February 13, 2010) will be the last for this semester as the Student Affairs allowed for every organization. We had a great fellowship and having lunch together. It is sad for us that the next Soul Fuel will be on July. But their will be cell group gathering which is more intimate. As we look at this school year we learned a lot about running a campus organization. If God willing, next semester we will do better. Our table outreach will be on July. Please continue to pray for us.

We still are continuing to give out books and booklets from Desiring God. We gave some of the books and booklets to clinical instructors. Pictures will be soon posted. As a community outreach we will send some to Mindoro for a group of teachers who are members of a tribe called Mangyan.

Also we R.O.C.K.members and leaders will attend a 1 day Youth Fellowship at Calamba Laguna. It will be on Monday, February 22, 2010. We hope and pray that this activity will help build our Christian walk not only for our personal but as a campus ministry.

ROCK BUZZ as of February 6, 2010

Our Soul  about relationship titled True Love Weights (see article in this blog) was truly refreshing and fun. Our text was Ephesians 5:25 as God’s definition of love specifically marital love. Thank God for this bible study and verse that has an eternal impact to us. Before the Soul Fuel ends, Sir Harry shared some advice to students to keep there virginity till they got married.

We have also a special number from Chariz (the daughter of Ptr. Joberth). Then testimonies from our young people Jane. She belongs to a tribe called Mangyan and how she got to know Jesus. Ruel De Castro also gave his testimony and how he passed the recent nursing board exam. Many were encourage and asked his questions. He graciously provided our blog an article on How to Pass the Board Exam.

Another highlight of the Soul Fuel is the distribution of books to members and supporters. We even wrote dedication to those people who believe in God’s work here in Lyceum. It was a fun and meaningful gathering we have.

We would like to inform also that next week February 13 will be the last Soul Fuel gathering for this school year. All members and supporters are encouraged to attend this event. Please uphold us in your prayers as we close this year and next school year will be a fruitful and Christ exalting year for this ministry. God bless you guys who always there and believing this ministry as it reaches people and proclaiming the gospel that saves.

ROCK BUZZ as of January 25, 2010

Its a great privilege for a small ministry like us to be supported by ministries like Desiring God. They have send us books and booklets for members and non members. Its truly a blessing to share materials that are scarcely available and very pricey here. We received the box this afternoon (January 25, 2010) and we gave it to one nursing class who signed up for membership. Christopher who is Christian in this freshman class, lead them all to be signed up. We are considering him to be our junior officers and he is willing to be one. Everyone is so happy as they receive their copies of the book.

Another thing, guys we have member who is sick. Her name is Orfha Aguzar. The doctor advised her parent to stop her studies because of her sickness. Many of her friends in school are sadden by the news. One of her friend Shellica (also a member of ROCK) told me about it. So we prayed for her. And her being a part of this campus ministry wants to help her. So we send messages to Christian friends and ROCK members to pray for her. Also we want to send her something so we could cheer her up. Please include her in your prayer.

ROCK BUZZ as of January 24, 2010

I have mentioned previously that ROCK has been nominated for Top 5 Best Performing Student Organization in Lyceum of the Philippines University. Sadly we didn’t make it. Not because we lack some of the criteria but we are late to pass the requirements. Plus our leaders are having there duty week somewhere in Manila and we have a very conflicting schedule (nursing students are very busy). I told the guys that there’s no one to blame and we should pray that next year we can make it. Even the Office of the Student Affairs told our leaders that if they have pass it on time we could be on the number 4 spot. Good enough for a young organization. Meaning we surpassed the other  72 organizations. Please pray that we will get nominated and pursue God’s mandate for us in the campus.

Our last Soul Fuel,January 23, 2010 we have the leaders and junior officers with us. Its a great opportunity to meet again and catch up on things. We had a great time with our Bible Study for our topic is very timely its about Leadership lead by Bro Leo. I also made copies of an article titled “How To Make an Impact”. I gave all the participants copies of it. The article is very inspiring and reinforcing specially for the senior officer’s last to months. Then we had our meeting. Sir Harry encourages to let God use us for His purpose.

It ‘s funny that as we are doing our Soul Fuel discussing leadership, there is an ongoing seminar on the Freedom Hall (where we had the movie event featuring “Facing The Giants”). The guest speaker was Congressman Ferdinand Marcos Jr. (or Bong-Bong) talking about leadership. It puts a smile in our faces. We really need leaders. Not just leaders but godly, Bible believing leaders. Please pray that God will continue to put the burning passion to future leaders of ROCK.

To round up the Soul Fuel, we had a picture taking session. It was fun as everyone pose for the camera. It might be for documentation or for ROCK being featured in the nursing student publication called”Nurse’s Notes”. Alice Salazar, our secretary who is also a staff of Nurses Notes informed us maybe on the March issue we will have a featured article

ROCK BUZZ as of December 20, 2009

God is not yet through with ROCK Ministry for 2009.

We have been nominated for Top Active Campus Organization here in Lyceum of the Philippines University. We never expect this nomination but we covet it just to give our organization a decent office space for our materials(we lost our organization’s tarpoline) and leaders meeting place. For us its just a part of serving God and leading students to Christ. We just obey the mandate of God to preach the gospel. This recognition is for God’s glory alone.

We are happy for our graphic artist, JR Balani for winning Mr. Nursing 2009 and our president Jason Caro 3rd place in Mr. Lyceum 2009 . These young men are blessings to our organization and ROCK is some way been identified through them.

Since we posted the bulletin of ROCK to Baptist churches in Batangas province 2 pastor made a commitment to help our campus ministry. A pastor from Rosario and Ptr. Roel Camarrillas (he and my pastor lead me to Christ). My pastor will also talk to other concern Christians for this endeavor. So we decided to held a fellowship meeting for all those who will lend a helping hand to this ministry. Truly 2010 will be an exciting year for ROCK.

As I was writing this update, I just came from our Christmas fellowship and gift giving to less fortunate kids. It was fun and we really enjoy this day of singing, games, eating, meditation and having hearts   for kids. We are truly bless in this season of Christ love. . More pictures and videos are available at our Facebook account.

On Monday, December 21, 2009 we will have a get together and leadership training at the beautiful beach of Anilao Mabini. Before the Christmas we will motivate and encourage our next in line officers for the coming year.

Thank you for your prayers and encouragement. Please continue to pray for us. God bless you all. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.

ROCK BUZZ as of December 8, 2009

The 20 pesos for the gift giving for Villa Jem kids is extended till December 15.

Christmas Fellowship will be on December 19 then in the afternoon we will give the gifts to the Villa Jem kids in Sta Rita.

Please be advice that our Soul Fuel room will be moved. Previous rooms 211,214 and 100 will have posters notifiying the new room. Please text Sir Harry or Kuya Nitoy for the new room.

Desiring God shipped the packages full of books and tracts last Monday.Please pray that it will arrived by January 2010.

Another Leadership Training is being cooked. Served hot before Christmas break.

Pray for the ROCK to have a musical group.


ROCK BUZZ as of December 2, 2009

We are having a 30 minute tribe/cell group bonding every Thursday 11am and 3pm@Malvar Study Area. If you have a vacant time please feel free to text me  09165037845 if you want to attend or send me you vacant slot so we can accommodate you.

ROCK BUZZ as of November 24, 2009

November  21 marks the final stretch of “Your Game Plan for Life” series. On December 5 and 12 we will have a new series theme “The Greatest Story Ever Told” .

Please be advice and inform other members that we are not on JPL 211 and 214 but our Soul Fuel is held on JPL 100. JPL 100 can be located at Talisay Drive near the Purchasing Office. Ask LPU guards for location.

After the November 21 Soul Fuel morning and afternoon session we had our first music workshop lead by Ptr Joberth and Bro. Rey. Our members had a chance to try the instruments and jam with our workshop facilitator. We will have a workshop soon.

ROCK BUZZ as of November 17, 2009

We will have our Music Workshop on Saturday November 21, 2009. Exclusive to members, FREE basic  guitar, octabia and keyboards lessons. Instruments are limited so please come early. The workshop will be  held on JPL 100 12nn-3pm after the Soul Fuel Morning session. Interested to learn are welcome ask more info by texting Kuya Nitoy 09165037845.  See you there!

What’s in store for you in the music workshop? Check out this video.

ROCK BUZZ as of November 13, 2009

Guys the room will be JPL Rm. 100. If ever bring your Bibles….

ROCK BUZZ as of November 11, 2009

R.O.C.K. (Reaching Out for Christ’s Kingdom) Ministry through Good Shepherd Baptist Mission San Pacual Batangas is privileged to be an international partner of Lighting The Way International Ministry. Headed by Dwayna Litz LTW provides materials for our table outreach in Lyceum of the Philippines University Batangas City Campus as with other table outreach LTW has in other parts of the world. With this many are shared with the gospel of salvation by tracts, booklets, magazines, CD’s and DVD provided FREE of charge to those who come to our table outreach in LPU campus. Please check this space for the schedules of our table outreach. For now enjoy the video by LTW featuring different table outreach around the world including here in LPU by ROCK Ministry. Songs on this video are sang by Dwayna Litz. Check the Lighting The Way website: http://www.lightingthewayworldwide.org/main/

Our Soul Fuel Afternoon Session has a new speaker. He is Joel P. Gutierrez an elementary school teacher of Good Shepherd Christian Academy. He will be replacing Angel Francisco, who will be taking his masterals at University of Batangas.

ROCK BUZZ as of Oct. 7, 2009

Yesterday Nov 6 we had finally the Leadership Training for the Campus Ministry. It was held in the cozy Green Coral Resort. We divided it in to 3 sessions.We had 1st the Cell Group/Buddy System talk from Bro. Rey, from Good Shepherd Baptist Mission San Pascual, then the Challenge Hour by Ptr Roselo Comia of God is Able Baptist Church. He titled the talk “Characteristics of a Leader” which he emphasized the importance of a solid spiritual standing before God for a leader. And last is the planning for the Soul Fuel (bible study/campus ministry gathering). We were blessed, inspired and challenged with those sessions.Please continue to pray for us.God bless you all. To all members of R.O.C.K. our Soul Fuel will resume at Nov 14 with our months theme “Your Game Plan for Life”. Same place and same time. Nov. 14 Soul Fuel is titled “Starting Well” and Nov.21 is “Finishing Well”. See you there!!!!

Pastor Eloi with his Leadership talk

ROCK BUZZ as of Oct. 31, 2009 We would like to congratulate our members on their recent pinning and capping ceremony. God bless you guys. We are proud of you. Always remember your half way to your journey and let God lead you. Follow His will and you’ll have blessings and delight for who He is. What’s your game plan? If life is a game, how do I fit in and more importantly how do I win? As our Soul Fuel resume (on tentative date of Nov. 21), we will consider those questions and more as our theme will be “Your Game Plan for Life”. What does the Bible says about that game plan and how do we put it in practice? Be sure to be inspired and recharge will this series. Coming this November… ROCK BUZZ as of Oct. 27, 2009 We had our meeting at Pizza Hut S.M. Batangas last Wed. 21 ,2009. We talked about the accomplishment and what the ROCK Ministry is heading. Present are the current and next in line leaders. Also we discussed our Leadership Training to equip the org in the coming semester. The leadership training will be on tentative date November 6 and venue will be on Lord’s Vineyard Charity Church. Its a whole day affair but divided into  two seesions. Morning will be the training proper with special speakers. Afternoon will be swimming and bonding time for the participants. Open to all members who attended the Soul Fuel and actively participating on other activities of the campus ministry.  Interested members can contact Jason Caro 09102225950 or Alice Salazar 09262491124.  There will be a fee to be collected in reasonable price. ROCK BUZZ as of Oct. 16, 2009: Attention all Smart subscriber members by next week, Bro Henry Abaja, one of the Soul Fuel speakers will text you inspirational quotes and Life Principles. We hope you enjoy the messages. Also you can soon ask him questions, prayer request, advices and other concerns. That will be next week. So please wait for we will pass your numbers to him. But you can text or call him now: 09087345394 As for the Globe subscribers, they are already connected with Kuya Nitoy 09165037845 with inspirational quotes and prayers request. Lets get in touch guys and God bless you. For those who dont have a copy of the book, please bear with us because the shipment of books will be within 6 weeks or two months. This is a small ministry and the partner ministry in the US has limitations but we are confident that we will accommodate the FREE books. The new title of the book is “Fifty Reasons Why Jesus Came to Die” by John Piper. Please uphold us in prayer.

Thank God for the “The Final Offer” Although we didnt fill up the Freedom Hall it was a blessing that people came and enjoy the movie, inspirational talk, concert and table outreach. Members also got there org shirt and pin. Please always check this blog for more buzz. R.O.C.K. Ministry presents “The Final Offer” Movie: Facing the Giants Concert: The King’s Voices Inspirational Talk: Jeff Cruse–American Missionary Oct 10, 2009 @Freedom Hall 7-12nn FREE Admission!!! See You there Guys!!! See the trailer below



Jason Caro

Jason Caro

Please VOTE for Jason Caro, President of ROCK campus ministry!!!! Cast your vote by logging at this blog: http://lpubatangas.blogspot.com/ then cast your vote at the right side of the blog. ROCK BUZZ #2 The Final Offer will be held at Freedom Hall Oct, 10, 2009 8-12nn. Movie, Concert and Inspirational Talk all in one. FREE Admission.



Our pins are available please text Alice: 0926241124 or Sir Harry 09208698794 for more info…

ROCK BUZZ #3 Last Saturday was our last Soul Fuel for this sem…We will be back in Nov 2009. But you can still have your fix of God’s Word here in our blog. Watch out for our “Strong Words” series. A weekly 3 minute videos featuring our regular speaker Bro Angel and Henry. Inspiring, engouraging, and uplifting. ONE word is enough to change you. Coming Soon this sembreak in this blog…

Our 3rd Soul Fuel was a blast. The rain and the sports-fest didn’t stop our program. Our theme is “Four Circles of Intimacy with God”. We also distributed the org shirt and books for members. Special announcement include our tribe of Jacob/cell group and our upcoming retreat. Please pray for us.







We had our first table outreach at the JPL bldg. lobby near the gym were sports competitions are held. We gave FREE items like DVD’s, Cd’s, tracts, books, booklets and magazine. This table outreach is in part of the table outreach of Lighting the Way Ministries International headed by Dwayna Litz

table outreach Sir Harry at far left table outreach Sir Harry at far right resigtration registration


Students like to pick and choose the itmes so the table got all mess up

Students like to pick and choose the itmes so the table got all mess up

here today

here today

Gone in 2 hours!!!Praise God

Gone in 2 hours!!!Praise God

T-Shirt and Book Update

Campus Ministry T-Shirts are now available. For those who paid the membership fee and doesn’t have a copy of the book, please attend our 3rd Soul Fuel this coming Saturday to avail your copy.

Our 3rd Soul Fuel will be  held at Malvar Bldg. room 103 and 104.


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