Sex Sold: An Interview about Prostitution with Mastering Life Ministry

12 03 2010

We always hear these stories about prostitutes in some campus. They are students by day and prostitute by night. Others go by groups to a certain beach destination and sell their bodies. Its hard to imagine the oldest profession in the world can be found in an institution that promotes morality and dignity.

ROCK Ministry recently got a privilege to interview David Kyle Foster a former prostitute, now a pastor and heads Mastering Life Ministry and Pure Passion TV. We talk this very sensitive and controversial topic and we learned a lot from this issue.

ROCK Ministry:  First why prostitute yourself? Is their no other alternative to chose from for an individual? Do these individuals count what will cost them to sell their bodies? What really goes through their minds?

David Kyle Foster: The reasons people prostitute themselves vary widely. For me, I was very angry at God and wanted to do something that would demonstrate my extreme anger at Him. I happened to be at a location where prostitution was going on and accepted an offer from someone.

Financial need drives most prostitutes to do it. They are generally people who are being propositioned often anyway, so they decide to meet their need that way because it is the quickest way. They often dot not seriously consider the dangers because their need is so great.

ROCK Ministry:  What are the reasons why some goes to prostitution? I think no one will go to the mirror one day and say “I will prostitute myself today”.

David Kyle Foster: Sometimes people are violently forced into prostitution and sometimes they are tricked into it and then fed drugs and are beaten to keep them doing it.

Others continue because they are sex addicts and it becomes a way to satiate their unquenchable sexual appetite.

ROCK Ministry: I know that you have talked to people who gone to this line of “work”. What was the first time experience for them? How did they start? Do they look for a pimp or what?
David Kyle Foster: Every story is completely different. Some people are sold into prostitution by their parents or guardians. Others are lured by pimps. No one goes looking for a pimp. Male prostitutes almost never work for pimps.

ROCK Ministry:  What are the emotional and mental effects of having sex every night and getting paid for it? Especially for students how can they live a normal life by day and be a prostitute at night?
David Kyle Foster: Emotionally it is very difficult. It makes you feel less than human, worthless, perverted and sick. It is likely that the person already felt this way about themselves which is why they even considered prostitution to begin with. But to actually do it makes you feel like dirt.

ROCK Ministry: Are their any physical abuse? Any horror story you might have heard?
David Kyle Foster:  Every male prostitute gets beaten by about 10% of those who pick them up. For females, it is probably closer to 40%. A smaller percentage also attempts to torture the prostitute. It’s only a matter of time and luck before it happens. People tried to murder me on 3 occasions during my 7 years as a prostitute.

RM: what diseases they might catch in having different sex partner? Are they curable? How about HIV? Do you have cases that got AIDS?

DF: It is guaranteed that a prostitute will contract many sexually transmitted diseases, no matter how careful they try to be. Even condoms do not prevent some diseases like HPV virus, which eventually causes cancer. HIV is also prevalent. I have had many friends and acquaintances die from AIDS.

RM: I don’t think some of them really like this kind of work. But is their a point in time that they actually enjoy what they are doing?

DF: If the prostitute is a sex addict, there are times when they enjoy the work on the surface, but the underlying self-hatred and self-disgust never goes away.

RM: Does nymphomania develop to prostitutes? What other abnormal behavior do they get in this?

DF: Some prostitutes are nymphomaniacs or sex addicts and even more male prostitutes are satyrs or sex addicts. The consequences of this behavior are very severe. Demonic spirits from customers enter the prostitutes, so they end up with a great need for deliverance, for example. Needless to say, they are rendered incapable of ever having a normal, satisfying sexual relationship once they marry without significant inner healing prayer and ministry.

RM: Can a prostitute especially students sell their bodies without being hooked into smoking, drinking or even drugs?

DF:  It is extremely rare for a prostitute not to develop smoking, drug and/or drinking problems because they need those substances to cover up the psychic pain of their lives.

RM: Do straight prostitute eventually end up being a homosexual?
DF: Male prostitutes who start out mostly straight will inevitably program their minds and bodies to respond more and more homosexually over time if they are having sex with other men.

RM: How about those who will do it “just once” and their out? I mean just to pay this one tuition fee or pay a project for the school and that’s it. Nothing to follow. What can you say to them?

DF: Prostitution is like quicksand. Once you enter it, you cannot escape consequences. There will be spiritual, emotional, psychological and physical consequences that can be quite severe from the very start.

RM: Are prostitutes still longing for a real relationship? Even if they feel dirty do they still hope to have a family? Do they think someone will get serious to them in spite of what they have done?

DF: Prostitutes desperately long to be normal and to have normal relationships. However, their behavior prevents them from having that. Just the fear of their spouse finding out – that alone can ruin the peace they otherwise might have in a marriage. It is extremely rare for someone to fall in love with someone they know has been a prostitute. It happens in Hollywood movies, but almost never in real life.

RM: For guys and even girls who found out their partner is or use to be a prostitute, how can they face this issue? How can they forgive their partner and still be with them or call it a split? How can they live out their relationship day by day thinking his or her partner is a prostitute?

DF: No one should stay in a relationship with someone who is a prostitute. You never know what day they will bring home to AIDS virus, or some other incurable disease.

If they fall in love with someone who used to be a prostitute, that is another story. They should take measures to be certain, however, that the person has truly been transformed from that way of thinking and living, and have been checked out physically by a doctor.

RM: How can a prostitute forgive that one who led them to prostitution? Maybe a partner or a family member who force them to this work.
DF: Sometimes only God can give us the power to forgive someone, but He does do that if we want Him to.

RM: What if someone wants to get out of this lifestyle? What is the first thing they have to do? Maybe someone reading this and they want to get out. Is their hope for them?

DF: A person who wants out need only turn to Jesus Christ for forgiveness, cleansing, healing and transformation.

They need to get into fellowship with believers who are faithful to God’s Word and who study it together and pray for each other.

They need to find a church that practices intimate worship of God, which is spiritual warfare.

I ended up attending a large church that also had small home fellowship groups, where I got alot of prayer. I also went through various healing and deliverance sessions at conferences and at a YWAM training school.

RM: How do they get back the respect for themselves? How can they go back to society with dignity and without guilt? How do healing the wounds starts? Who can they approach?
DF: Only God can give them their self-respect back. They need to pursue an intimate relationship with God where He speaks worth and value into their hearts, and where they come to experience the fact that Jesus’ blood has cleansed them from all sin. They need to practice believing 1 JN 1:9 and operate from what God says rather than from what they feel or have felt in the past. The Bible says that they are a new creation if they have repented and made Jesus Christ truly the Lord of their life. They need to learn and practice spiritual warfare. Dean Sherman’s book, Spiritual Warfare for Every Christian really helped me.

As for who to approach, they need to carefully watch people in church and see who are the ones who pray for and care about sexually broken people, and approach them.

RM:  I remember this one story about Ravi Zacharias. He was witnessing in a red light district and a prostitute say something like” If Jesus can really get us out this, how can He help us to find our daily living?” What practical help can a Christian do for these people?

DF: Our churches need to have outreaches to people who are coming out of these kinds of highly dysfunctional lifestyles. We need outreaches to former prostitutes, and human trafficking victims, and strippers and homosexuals and you name it. Pray for God to send those who can minister to such populations as Christ would and approach your pastors and entreat them to financially support such outreaches. As I read the Bible, these kinds of outreaches were among Jesus’ favorite!

People coming out of sex trafficking, for example, often need a place to live for a year or so while being trained in job skills as well as discipled in God’s ways. The church should finance these things. It is infinitely more important than plush carpeting and all the other excesses that we too often concern ourselves with.

RM: Thank you for this interview. We learn alot from you. Can you tell us about your ministry, what does it do and how can we reach you.

DF: Our ministry ( does 2 things: 1. we reach out to sexually bound and broken people with the news that God can set anyone free from anything, teaching them how He does it, and 2. we equip the Church to do the same.

We are trying to reach as many people as possible and so now put all our efforts into media outreaches, whether it be our weekly TV program (, our Facebook page (, our iPhone app (which should be ready in a few weeks), our multi-front internet outreaches, Google ads, and our teaching resources (DVDs, CDs, books).

Currently our Pure Passion TV program is seen on 11 TV networks around the world in English, Bulgarian, Romanian, Spanish, Arabic and Russian, and we hope that we will be seen in every country and every main language very soon.

R.O.C.K. List 10 Tips to Pass the Board Exam

6 02 2010

There are something to cheer about in the beginning of February. Lyceum of the Philippines University is on number 2 ranking in the recent Nursing Board Exam. Also R.O.C.K has members who are board exam the passers. One of them is Ruel De Castro a Christian and original member of the pre-ROCK campus ministry. Congratulations Ruel! May God bless you as a registered nurse. After giving us his testimony at our Soul Fuel, asked him to jot down this list to provide you insight and advice on how to pass the exam:

  1. Prayer- very powerful tool. Tutulungan ka nito na maging calm and relax during the exam at maiiwasan yung pagiging ngarag o kabado.
  2. Be positive-it will attract positive energy.
  3. Believe to the power of God- Dapat we will always put in our mind that God has a good plan for us. Just have faith.
  4. Review your past lesson- Manganda kung everyday nagbabasa ka ng pakonti-konti ng mga past lesson to refresh your mind at para hindi mo sila makalimutan.
  5. Gumawa ng sariling abbreviation o acronym about sa topic kung saan mas madali mo silang maalala, it can be a jingle, ABC, poem o kung saan ka mas comfortable.
  6. Bawasan ang puyat o kung may bisyo wag muna magbisyo habang papalapit na ang exam. (Better yet drop the vises—editor:-))
  7. The night before the exam, matulog ng maaga at gumising ng maaga para pag nagstart ang exam gising na ang diwa mo at mas madali ng gumana ang utak.
  8. Pag magrereview,, konti lang ang ilas na gamit o yung materials na aaralin kasi once na madami nakatambak tatamdin ka lang mag-aral.
  9. It is best to study sa umaga para fresh pa at hindi overloaded ang utak. Huwag din isabay ang pagaaral sa panonood ng TV.

10.  Pumasok sa review center para maupdate sa mga bago, at types ng paexam ng mga BoN.


23 04 2009

Humility or being humble is the defining characteristic of an unpretentious and modest person, someone who does not think that he or she is better and more important than others and the opposite of humility is pride.

The term “Humility” is derived from latin word “humilis”, which is translated not only as humble but also alternatively as “low” or “from the earth”. Because of the concept of Humility addresses intrinsic self-worth, it is emphasized in the realm of religious practice and ethics where the notion is often made more precise and extensive. Humility is an important religious and spiritual virtue. (slightly paraphrased from Wikipedia, online free encyclopedia)

“Likewise, ye younger, submit yourselves unto the elder. Yeah, all of you be subject to one another, and be clothed with HUMILITY: for God resisteth the proud, and giveth grace to the HUMBLE.” (I Peter 5:5)

Humility or humbleness is a quality of being courteously respectful to others. It is the opposite of aggressiveness, arrogance, boastful, and vanity. Rather than, “Me First” humility allows us to say “No, you first my friend”. Humility is the quality that lets us go more than halfway to meet the needs and demands of others.

Friendships and marriages are dissolved over angry words. Resentments divide families and co-workers. Prejudice separates race from race and religion from religion. Reputations are destroyed by malicious gossip. Greed puts enmity between rich and poor. Wars are fought over arrogant assertions.

Humility as a virtue is a major theme in the Bible, both in the Old and New Testament, and Jesus displayed the best example of humility. Humility is what we need to live in peace and harmony with all people regardless of what their beliefs and race. Humility dissipates anger and heals old wounds. It allows us to clearly see the dignity and worth of all God’s people. Humility distinguishes the wise leaders from the arrogant power-seeker.

Acting in humility does not in anyway deny our own self-worth, rather it affirms the inherent worth of all persons. Some would consider humility to be a psychological malady that intereferes with “success”. (quoted from

Humility made it possible for us to be subject to one another. Being subjected to one another as what Peter calls for, is that we are answerable to one another. Regardless of power, position, and possessions, we are subject to one another. We will be held accountable to one another. Holding this principle can only be true when we are covered with humility.

Humility suppresses harshness in our dealings and communications. Of course we have our own personal weaknesses, but if we fully understand what humility really is, those weaknesses will somehow be prevented from being executed in our lives. Humility is about being sensitive to the importance of other’s well-being. If we are clothed with humility this will be true to us, and if this will be true to us, then we can prevent from being a threat to our fellows in different aspects in life.

During my browsing on the net, my attention was caught from a very interesting article about the ten (10) reasons why we need to develop humility in our lives. I wanna share with you those ten;

1. Humility is a commandment. – of God’s all commandments one of the most important is to be humble. Because without humility, we can’t obey God’s other commandments. We can’t be submissive, gentle, patient and long-suffering. We can’t be willing enough to do the Lord’s will in our lives if our hearts are full of pride-the opposite of humility. We must develop true humility to be able to submit and subject ourselves to God’s other commandments. Remember what God said in Micah 6:8 “He hath showed thee, O man, what is good; and what doth the Lord require of thee, but to do justly, and love mercy, and to walk HUMBLY with thy God?”

2. We cannot enter God’s kingdom without Humility. – this is true, God clearly said in the scripture that without humility we cannot enter the kingdom of God. Matthew 18:3-4 ” (3) and said, verily I say unto you, except ye be converted, and become as little children, ye shall not enter into the kingdom of heaven. (4) whosoever therefore shall HUMBLE himself as this little child, the same is the greatest in the kingdom of heaven.”

3. Humility is required for forgiveness. – to be forgiven of our sins we need to be humble. Developing humility is a part of repentance process. the Bible says in 2 Chronicles 7:14 ” If my people, which are called by my name, shall HUMBLE themselves, and pray, and seek my face, and turn from their wicked ways; then I will hear from heaven, and will forgive their sin, and will heal their land.”

4. Humility needed for Answered prayers. – if we are to recieve answers to our prayers we must be humble.

5. Humility shows gratitude. – giving sincere thanks to God, and others, requires humility.

6. Humility opens the door. – only with humility that God will open the door for us when we are searching for the truth.

7. Humility leads the way to the truth. – only with humility that we can see the true path of truth, since humility makes us more sensitive to God’s will.

8. Humility is required in baptism. – being baptized, is an act of humility, just as what Jesus did when John the Baptist baptizes Him in the River of Jordan.

9. Humility made it possible for us to be controlled by His Holy Spirit.

10. Humility is needed to convert weaknesses into strenght.

Those ten are just some of the reasons why we need to develop humility. Maybe in your own life, it’s more than that. But it’s a great blessing to have these ten.

There are many passages in the Bible that shows and emphasized humility and being humble. In fact in the parable of the Prodigal Son, It takes so much humility in the side of the son to decide and go back to his father’ house. It takes so much effort to be humble for him to see clearly his fault line. In the fathers side it humility that made it possible for him to dearly and continually love his son after all his son has done to him.

Jesus is the best example of all in displaying true humility. Jesus submits himself to be crucified in our place. He is powerful, and mighty enough to consume all those people, but He chooses to be humble and in full submission just for us. What a wonderful Humility!

Disputes between churches, people, and countries cannot be fully resolve without both side embracing humility. The real problem with people going against each other is that they keep in their own minds that their RIGHT, and that the other person is wrong, likewise, the other person feels the same thing, and that’s where the problem proliferates, because nobody admits failure and nobody recognizes other’s rights. Only humility breaks the barrier and will completely heals the wounded hearts.

By Jesus Christ’s humility, the broken relationship between man and God was completely healed, that’s how powerful humility is. No wonder why it is always been considered one of the greatest virtues in the Bible.

When King David fall down to God with all humility because of what he did, God was stirred and restores King David. There are other great people in the Bible that humbled themselves towards God and has gain favor from God’s sight.

God didn’t change through time. He is an unchanging God of all. If He’s been stirred by people in ancient times through humility, we can do it right now, if we just choose to do it. Everytime we fall, He keeps on reminding us in to humble ourselves in the sight of the Lord and he will surely lift us up.

Leaders of this country, leaders of the church, and all servants of God, only humility will cleanse out your heart from all arrogance and self-righteousness and be a better, reliable, trustworthy, and responsible leader in your respective areas of duty.

If you want to put smile in God’s face, HUMBLE thyself….


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