Get Involved

Get Involved! Join the Cause! Pursue the Passion with Us!

Our “Passion”

To devote ourselves in knowing God

Be accountable to each other in prayer

To reach out to fellow students with the gospel

And extend this passion to the community

For LPU students, alumni, supporters and churches its time to have this Passion.

ROCK (Reaching Out for Christ’s Kingdom) Campus Org exist for our “Passion” and to glorify God with this Passion. We vision people to take this passion, live it and spread it. We believe a Passion for God is the Greatest Cause.

For LPU Students

If your currently enrolled in any course and any level download this Application Form, fill it up and give it to a ROCK leader or text ROCK President Diane Calalo +639054390590:

Application Form

For Christian LPU Almuni

You felt the impact of LPU in your life and you wont be who you are now without your Alma matter. Its time to pay back LPU! If your a Bible Believing Christian you can help the cause. Support this campus organization by contacting our President Diane Rachel Calalo 09054390590, e-mail or FaceBook  and ask in what area you can help.

For International and Local Supporters

Help make a difference to these student life. ROCK evangelize and disciple LPU community.

We have facilitators who handle Bible Studies to members. You can help by donating printed materials or a financial gift. Call now or e-mail our President Diane Calalo +639054390590 for more info.

For Churches

Volunteer in tribe groups, Soul Fuel and Big Events. Evangelize by giving out our booklets to LPU students or give a financial gift. Call now or e-mail our President Diane Calalo +639054390590 for more info.

Become a Fan of ROCK at Facebook click here:
Reaching Out for Christ’s Kingdom Facebook

One response

3 11 2011
noel tandog

hello do u know the title of the last song ater dzas drama series at night played by pastor eric maliwat..tnx..blessings..

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