Who Am I?

30 09 2009

When I was a kid I really love comic books. One of my favorite is Spiderman. In one issue of the comic there is a feature story on another hero that I don’t like. Its the Incredible Hulk. But the story caught my attention.

The story goes like this. The Incredible Hulk (that green guy who is like Arnold Schwarzenegger on steroids) is ready to create havoc in a university. As he roams around burning with rage, he saw a statue of of the famous philosopher, Aristotle. Under the stone image is a quote. The inscription says”Know Thyself”. These words of wisdom caught the angry brute. Know Thyself. The words kept running to his mind. Know Thyself. As if the stone cold statue is talking to him. Know Thyself, Hulk. In one point he ask “How can I know myself?”. These words are driving him insane. Know Thyself. Till he cant take it anymore. He smashed the statue into pieces. He broke down to the ground until slowly he return into his alter ego the scientist, Bruce Banner.

Do you know who you are? Have you asked that to yourself? Someone once told me that if you know who you are you can have a clear and precise vision of what you want to be. How true. You got to first define yourself to be able to know what your going to, albeit your future. So how can one define himself?

The Bible is the only book that accurately tells us who we are. No hype, no sugar coating and no punches pulled as the Word of God defines human being who he is. God defines us on the basis of salvation. He clearly laid out who we are before we got saved, when we got saved and after we got saved. Read this article of Dr. Neil Anderson “Who Am I?” to know more about who you are in God


So, how do you NOW define yourself? Is it by your own or by God’s Word? Keep in mind that, how you define yourself today will not only define who you are but what you will be in eternity. Know thyself now.

Scout maintains the ROCK campus ministry blogsite. He is excited on God’s definition for his future.



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