ROCK LIST: Top 10 Advices for Aspiring Talents To Make It Big

25 09 2009

Do you have hidden talents for the university (or the world) to see and hear? Here are some tips from Dwayna Litz a country singer on how to jump start your career.

1. Be true to yourself—KNOW yourself (values, etc.)
2. Know your musical style—“what you want to say” and be true to that
3. Get to know “who you are” and don’t compromise on that
4. Do whatever you do in excellence
5. As a Christian, know that God declares the end from the beginning, and He wants to be glorified through the process of accomplishing any goal. Any compromise of what the Bible says is not of God, and the answer is “No”.
6. God gives us a reward greater than this world can give.
7. Live for God’s pleasure and HE WILL BE FAITHFUL
8. God’s plans are higher than ours—purpose first to glorify Him with your HEART
9. Flee temptation—sin is a lie; God never requires us to sin to accomplish something in the end that we may believe will “bring Him glory”
10. A life “hidden with Christ in God” is the best life on earth.



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