Eat This Book: Pursuit of God by A.W. Tozer

10 09 2009

          THE GLAM: It is a pleasure to re-read this book not just to have it reviewed or get some great quotes to text it to people but to re-appreciate a classic that has one and only goal: that is to chase the living God and have a deeper life with our Creator.

            Tozer strips up the things we consider important for relationship to God and brings us to what really matters. Pursuing God because we thirst and hunger for Him. He first pursue us to get us saved now the tables are turned for us to chase Him. Being thirsty and hungry doesn’t indicate that we are poor but ready to rich for what God intended us to be. By having such lacking we strive to be have a righteous and holy living that is pleasing to God. That’s being rich in the kingdom of God. We need to leave our sins to enter His presence. Knowing Him as a Person matters in Christian life. It is also by coming to Him bringing our sins and brokenness do we gain access. We grow, be intimate and be blessed by that means.

            It fascinates me that Tozer wrote this in a train ride in the 1940’s and before he left off he already had the rough draft. Wow he was moved by the Holy Spirit. Another is that after this was written the morality and church is will be challenge soon after Tozer’s death. Still this book has a voice even to this day. In fact, it is a needed message to the church and to every Christian who is running the race.

            For a deeper sense of intimacy for God, the reader should not settle for less. Also a great devotional read. Go grab a copy of this book. It’s also available for FREE on pdf format by clicking here:

            THE GLOOM: Not much publicity and clamor for this book to Pinoy Christian readers. Why?

Scout is a bookworm and maintains the ROCK Ministry blog site. He likes to get quotes from the books he read then text it to his text friends.



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