Whats My Age Again?

19 08 2009

A rock group in their lyrics said “Nobody loves you when your 23.” Youth are so concern of what they are and what the world think of them. They want to have this certain image of coolness and to be “in” the crowd. That is not a bad thing. But this coolness and “in” will soon fades out. When our pimples burst out and hormones rage, that’s the start of pursuing that certain image that we want to impress others. The truth is it wont last. When we lose our hair, start wearing tucked in shirts and starting to have this memory gap thing, to our eyes it means its not cool and your “out”.

Lets have a pop culture test. Remember Hanson, Moffatts and the long hair guy named Gil? Or those child stars? Where are they now? You see they wont last forever. All of us has an expiration date. I’m not talking about death but our youthfulness and that “in” thing we use to have. But what does it mean to be cool and be “in”. Well its in the quality we have and the thing we can contribute. Is it worthwhile? These things can be done only and will last for eternity if we place God on it. You might say” Oh no…here we go again? Another religious nut.” Well let me ask yo this. Will your i-pod, PSP, sports car, DVD collection of House, money, fame, relationship etc last forever? If your rational, you will say it wont. Can you give me something that has a eternal value, that will not expire other that what God can give and ask you to do?

While your finding some answers to that, let me share somethings to consider that is cool and will last forever to God. 1.Your not too young to be called to serve God. Check these people out in your Bible: Joseph, Ester, Josiah, Samuel, Daniel, and Mary. They were used by God when they young. Will you yield to God’s call? Will you say “Lord send me” like Isaiah?

2.Read Psalm 71. The unknown psalmist trusted God from youth to old age. Not only that he calls out to God for deliverance, protection and opportunities to serve. Imagine your old, will you look back and say that you have a fulfilled life because you have obeyed and served God? The only way for you to find out is trust Him today. Start it now.

3.Avoid conformity in the worlds standards. Be conformed with what God wants and you wont regret it (Romans 12:2). Remember the Daniel’s three friends who was thrown in the furnace? They were thrown because they wont accept what the proud king wants. But they defy him because there allegiance is to God.

4.Know secret to be young God’s way. How do we look young and glorify on God’s eyes? Have a child like faith. Always be dependent to God’s will.

Scout is maintains the ROCK Ministry blogsite. He is turning 30 this year:-)



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