Job Interview “Cheats”

19 08 2009

Here are some quick “cheats” that may help you for that interview and get the job you wanted.


The company will inform you on what to wear but it is safe to assume that you wear business attire. Dress modesty and not too revealing. Guys, if your wearing a necktie make sure it has no cartoon character print. Don t accessorize too much. A watch or a necklace will do.


Pens, mint candy, extra resume, photocopy of transcripts, a sheet of paper, umbrella and a professional looking (but not expensive) case to put all these stuff to make you look neat.

TIME Be early. Be prompt not a prim.


Always remember first impressions last and your selling yourself like a product so give them all you got.


Q:Why did you leave your previous job? A: I’ve learned a lot from them and it really help me to be a better person. But I think its time to grow and find work that will help me grow more.

Q: If a customer insist you to do something outside the policy of the company will you consider doing it for them? A: (Remember this question will determine your loyalty to the customer/client and the company). If they are asking for help that is not illegal well I’ll first consult the company. But if the reputation of the company will be jeopardized I will politely turn it down.

Q: What are your plans in the next five years? A: (This question will get you off the track and make you think for a moment what really is you plan. Make sure you already have in hand your plans.)

Q: Why should we hire you? A: I will be the asset of your company.


If ever, ask questions regarding the company. This will imprint to them that you are interested in there company. It its a building that has different companies other that what your applying, check their bulletins if they have job openings and try to check it out.


You can sense already in the interview that they are interested in hiring you. They may show it by “friendly chat” other that the interview, emphasizing if you really really can handle the job, short interview with a tour in the company’s place etc. But don’t get your hopes to soon. Please always do the best in the interview.


If they promise to call you this is not automatically mean that you’re turned down. They may call you for another interview. But while your waiting for that call, pray for God to open this job for you. You may also keep on job hunting till God gives you the right job.

Scout maintains the ROCK Ministry blogsite. He worked in different places private and public.



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