Eat This Book: Pera O Puri? The Christian and His Finances by Ed Lapiz

14 08 2009

THE GLAM: I got interested with stewardship specially on handling money from Randy Alcorn’s writings. He good in writing articles that makes you have a new perspective as a Christian to spend your money for eternal investment. It really made a difference to read and try to apply those biblical principles to make use of money wisely and godly. (Check his ministry, Eternal Perspective Ministry at

But this review is not about Randy Alcorn but with the book written by a Pilipino Pastor named Ed Lapiz. If you’re familiar with him well you will greatly appreciate this book. But if not, you’ll be glad to pick up this book. Primary you pick up this book with either you want to be rich or out of curiosity. You might ask “Money making is that Christian?” Well the answer is Yes, it is. You will appreciate Ed Lapiz style of writing (which is his trademark on his preaching) because its easy to understand (well its Taglish) and in some point its very ‘pangmasa”.

He brings biblical and personal insights by poking humor and pricking the conscience of the Filipino culture that permeates our view with money, borrowing, living beyond ones means and why we are poor. Sadly even if we have been a Christian, we are still in bondage with our wrong view of wealth because of what our culture has brought us into. The effects of it is we suffer individually and as a church. He opens the truth that really hinders us to prosper and be a giver. Through the pages, Lapiz gives us new perspective that Christian should have regarding spending, enjoying, working and giving money. This is not one of those run off the mill prosperity preaching stuff. It involves our God given talents, hard work and available resources for us to allocate and invest so that the blessings of God will flow. He encourages us to look at money as God given and that we should possess it for the furtherance of God’s Kingdom and to help others.

Will you get rich reading this? As the back cover ask., it depends whether it be your pockets or your heart. The wit and wisdom of this practical book will fill which ever side you want to be filled.

Scout is a bookworm and maintains the ROCK Ministry blogsite. He  brought this book to be given as a gift for a friend but ends up reading it and learning a lot from it. He is a minimum wager 🙂



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