Eat This Book: I Kissed Dating Goodbye by Joshua Harris

6 08 2009

THE GLAM: I’ve seen this book for years and completely ignore it. But I pick it up when I recently broke up. Hmm…I thought something to try out. I read it (and as I’m writing this review I’m nearly at the end)All I can say is this book is really something. Something that really made a way to my view on dating.

Guys, if you find this book don’t be fooled with the title or the cover picture. This is not a sort of telling a guy or girl to quit dating,wear chastity belt and live like a monk. Its more to it believe me. Its a game plan, God honoring advices and upholds purity among single people who want to date. Josh relays a great plan that are really helpful and practical for those who get the usual dating the world tells us. He knows this stuff. Its coming back to principles that are God pleasing and to others. I Kissed Dating Goodbye will change how we treat guys and girls as brothers and sisters in Christ, kissing as something worth saving at the altar and singleness as a gift given by God not a curse. Sprinkled with real life stories this book is easy to digest in the mind.

As your read this book you will might say that this Harris guy has a crystal ball and has been reading you mind. Well if so you might as well admit it. Don’t dodge some truth in it but rather accept it. This book is honest, courageous and real to open to everyone the frustrations and heartbreak of loving. We can relate to Joshua Harris frustrations and longing to find a love that is radical yet godly for this generation. Something this radical is worthy to follow and wont have regrets. This book also is not all about saving your love for God’s best but also guides you to guard yourself to false love, keeping your relationship with the opposite sex out of romantic zone, getting on God’s plan, guide to friendship going to marriage etc. Now that’s coming from a book you thought will stop you from dating! If this book really shook the bookstores a decade ago, I must admit I can still feel the tremors. Thanks Josh for writing this book.

What more can I say: buy this book.

THE GLOOM: Some of you will say “Why didn’t I read or brought this book in the first place?”:-(

Scout is a bookworm and maintains the ROCK Ministry blog site. After reading this book by Josh Harris he we lean it to his church mate.

BONUS: Joshua Harris Sermon Jam




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