ROCK LIST: TOP 12 Things To Slay The Dragon of Masturbation

5 08 2009

Since I was a kid, I was in bondage with the sin of masturbation. Its a sinful habit that I cant break. I always promise to stop this but end up falling for it. It always leave me a guilty feeling and that I cant get out of its grip. Even when I became a Christian this sin follows me. But after years of struggle God broke the chain of masturbation. Praise Him and His glory!

For those who wants to come out of this sin or any bad habit that is not pleasing to God, I have list for you to consider in your battle that can lead you to victory.

1.Have a willingness to consider it as a sin. Don’t get the idea that its for pleasure, its healthy or part of being a “real man”. It is sin. Plain and simple.

2.Decide now that your want to leave that sinful habit. Even if you fall again with the same bad habit, don’t forget your decision and determination matters to get away from that sin

3.Pray without ceasing to God that you want this specific habit to go away. Confess other sins that my hinder the process of recovery. Pray for distaste for worldly temptations that leads you to that sin. Pray that this is not for your on good but to glorify God.

4.Have someone pray for you in this battle against the flesh. Like our pastor says “More prayer, more power, less prayer less power”. Call your Christian friends to prayer for your desire to be pure in the sight of God.

5.Flee from temptations at first sight. Remember Joseph? He flee from the sexual moves of Potiphar’s wife. Don’t meddle with sin as if you can handle it. You will loose for sure. What are the temptations; men’s magazines, TV programs, pornographic materials, websites, music, places and most specially persons. Flee from them. I use to own men’s magazine and watch TV programs that features sexy girls. Now I discarded them and I dont watch TV much often now. At first it will be hard but eventually with God’s help you will have the hang of it.

6.Get busy. Try a hobby or past time that is God pleasing. Read the Bible or Christian books, listen to sermons (specially on how to win battle over sin)etc.,. Try new stuff. In the long run it wont be a hobby or past time. It will be passion. Which leads us to numbers 7…

7.Grab the “Seek the Kingdom of God First” Principle. See Matthew 6:33. Personally I grab hold of this principle and that’s why I was free now from masturbation. The key is to serve God and seek to serve others. Join a ministry in a Bible believing church. Use your talent (music, computers, writing etc) to further God’s kingdom. I tell you,being selfless in every work you have done adds victory to your battle over sin. If its brings you joy to be at service with God, it will quench your need for that sinful habit. Because you have found something to replace that longing for that sin that needs to be satisfy.

8.Their will be moments when you are need to be alone like sleeping. I suggest that you need a “sleepmate” a sibling or relative that you can share the room with. Also it will be good if your doors are open and remind people to leave it open. Always consider having people around so that you will have that fear of being caught.

9.Have someone to be accountable at. Not only in prayers but a friend or mentor who will listens and help you with the struggle. He is reliable and confident for those habits that he wont tell it to others.
10.Always remember that the result is not instant. It can takes weeks, months or even years. But even if we don’t seem to see hope for our bad habits, the question is will we still trust God and still abide to Him?

11.If you break the cycle of masturbation and other sinful habits, and dont think the temptations or falling back wont make a comeback. It will unless we guard ourselves, follow God’s word, pray and have accountability partner. Dont forget that we still have the sin nature. Also don’t get the notion that we will become supersaints and wear halos everywhere we go. We are still sinners. The question is: despite of what I am will I still trust God and still believe Him? Will be flee from it or entertain it?

12.If your a Christian you already won half the battle. You might consider it like what Paul describe as a thorn in the flesh. It maybe used by God to let you grow and slay something destructive (like pride or boasting) from you. But that doesnt mean that you stop from fighting that hard habit to break. It only means that you have God in your side that will help you for a holy and righteous living. Abide in Him no matter what. It’s all worth it.

If your not yet redeemed (saved) by Christ on His finished work in the cross, your sin (all sins) will take you to hell. My advice to you is to repent and trust Christ alone for your salvation. You have to clear your issue on salvation before you venture in living a pure life for God.

Scout is a govt employee, an alumni of LPU and maintains ROCK Ministry blogsite. He was set free from the bondage of masturbation for years now



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