A Different Homecoming

29 07 2009

I went back to Lyceum after nine years of working in different jobs. It was all different. Big new buildings, elevators, nice halls and air condition rooms. It was a total upgrade! Ive seen new faces and still some old ones that takes me back in my undergraduate days. The rooms that gives back memories are still there. Some of the rooms are now change and resides an office. Wow how I wish I would be a student again and enjoy these amenities with my college friends. But past is past, it cant be brought back. Only by picking up the “old files’ from your mind that you can be relieve all this.

For me this was a homecoming of sort. A very different one. No alumni homecoming invitation, no parties, no banners and no old friends to greet you back. Im not coming back as a student but as a minister for the gospel. Im not going to share all about me but Christ alone. What else should a Christian share specially to his alma matter than the love and salvation only Christ can give? Things change specially the culture. Its theYoutube and Facebook generation. Culture may change but the heart doesnt. It still yearns for something that this earth stuff can give. It longs for something eternal.

As I look back one thing can describe me: that I’m immature student. Did mistakes and wrong decisions. Much worst, Im lost. I knew I have “accepted Christ in my heart” long ago I still struggle in my spiritual life. I also struggle to a addictive sin that has caught me since I was a kid. But how can I still struggle to sin and do wrong things yet call my self “saved”. I still have no peace. At one point I even become an atheist!

I came from a Catholic family. The Catholic Church open me to spiritual things. I went to with my lolo to pabasa during Holy Week, we do visita iglesia and I went to mass. In high school I remember going every afternoon to the prayer room, touching and praying to every saints and even was asked by a priest if I could be an altar boy. I was also involved in Singles for Christ and attended its Christian Life Program. Still there is something bugging me: I have no assurance that if I die today I will go to heaven. Is that all why we do this things to ensure we will have a place with Christ in heaven. Yet in the Catholic Church, will all its claims cannot assure anyone salvation. All it can give is you is I dont know or you might be saved in the next life. Wait till the next life!? How much assurance can that bring?

So in my search I remembered the worker who taught about the Bible when I was a kid. I found him and he was now a pastor. He pointed out to me that salvation is not by praying a prayer much like baptism, good works and charity. Salvation is found in a person Jesus Christ alone. It took me more time to understand this. I read the Bible, read books and listen to sermons. Ive listen to this one sermon titled “Hell’s Best Kept Secret” by Ray Comfort that gave a difference in me. Its not praying the prayer but the knowledge of the law (10 Commandments) that we cannot keep, that will immediately point us
Christ that died for all our sins that will save one from hell. Now it is clear now to me. Salvation is by repenting and trusting Christ. The question now is not have you prayer the prayer but have you repented and trusted Christ alone for your salvation. So I repented and trusted Christ. Im redeemed! I have peace!Im heaven bound!

Since I was redeemed by Christ I still struggle with the same old sin that is bugging me since I was a kid. I prayed about it and claim”seek ye first the Kingdom of God” principle. I become involved in the church and I founded a ministry. Even if I fall back to that sin I asked forgiveness and came back to my ministry. After a whole life of struggle I was unchained from the bondage of that specific sin. Praise God! Truly nothing is impossible with Him. I may sin or fall for it in the future God will forgive me and restore me because I know I’m His child.

Now Im back at Lyceum to deliver this message to the students. This is truly a good news to those who
are hopeless and hurting because of sin.

Sadly there are some groups that calls themselves “Christians” in the campus who have no assurance of heaven and lead people to “Christ” by praying sinners prayer and doing good works. I know they are sincere, humble and zealous but thats not enough to save someone. Its sad that it will take hell fire to convince them they are on the wrong path. I know some who has a real and true relationship in Christ because they “accepted Christ in there hearts”. But how can they live there lives being condemned by the same church they are into. The 1994 Catechism of the Catholic Church declares someone who knows there are saved and going to heaven for sure are committing the “sin of presumption”. The Council of Trent pronounce anathema (excommunicated from the Catholic Church) for believing grace alone is sufficient to save someone( the author has both copies of the Catholic sources he just mention). I pray that those souls will turn to Christ alone and be truly saved. May they find peace and enjoy the real Jesus in their life.

Scout is a govt employee and maintains the ROCK Ministry blogsite. His passion is to share God’s truth to Catholics



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