EAT THIS BOOK: Every Teenagers Little Black Book on…by Blaine Bartel

24 07 2009

THE GLAM: Just got three books of this series by Blaine Bartel pastor and speaker. I own Every Teenagers Little Black Book on Cool, Sex and Dating, and How To Get Along With Your Parents. With these books its enough to tell you what the author intent: to give a godly advice to Christian teens how to please God and the people around him, to built an image or identity that is Christ centered. It is relevant for the teen. So teens and young adults should listen to this. This book gives you a wealth of advice, tips and list from an experienced parent and Christian Blaine Bartel in a not so expensive book (Price: 69.75).

For me so far, my favorite is the How To Get Along With Parents. Topics included to the book that caught me the most are: 3 Ways to Deal with Tough Parents, 7 Questions To Ask Your Parents in the next 7 days, and 3 Freedoms You Are Entitled To Everyday. A must heard for every teens which are rarely discussed in books. This short, concise, pocket size, no fancy cover, no hype of endorsements and well priced book will give teens something to think about,learn and practice. Every teen, young adults and parents also should consider buying this book. Get it at National Bookstore or Philippine Christian Bookstore.

THE GLOOM: The book should not be the ends of itself as I will say to other books I will review here. Although some are advices are handy and ready to be put in to practice, we should manage to get in more in depth.

Also the presentation of the gospel should be brought to attention. You can locate it on the last few page of the book. Salvation is not by praying a certain prayer like being saved by baptism, doing good works, performing certain rituals etc., Its by putting your faith and trust to the finished work of Christ at the cross.



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