ROCK LIST: Top 10 Things that Will Please Your C.I. (Clinical Instructor)

11 07 2009

Nursing student listen up! Want to leave an impression to your CI and have that high grades. Check this list and find out:

1.Be punctual- be on time not only for your C.I. But for your classmates. It’s not wrong to be a early bird. Don’t be prim(adonna). It will a plus for people around you.

2.Be courteous- be polite

3.Be honest- if you don’t know what your are doing. Be honest to tell so. Isn’t there a saying that honesty is the best…teacher 🙂

4.Be cheerful- dont forget to smile and spread the cheerful virus to your CI, classmates and patient. Be a Patch Adam not Dr. Frankenstein (even if your a nurse^_^).

5.Have presences of mind. Stay focus specially dealing with your patient. Catch everything your CI tells you and what he or she wants you to do.

6.Caring Attitude- studying and applying what you learn without having a caring attitude wont make a difference to you patient. Put the caring mark of a Filipino nurse that is famous around the world here first.

7.Be teachable- have a hungry heart and mind to learn and apply it effectively and efficiently. Be eager. Ask questions. Leave no inhibitions and be willing to be held step by step by your CI. Let him be what he is: a teacher and you a student.

8.Be respectful- dont have a mind that your just passing through your CI, classmates and patients like a stepping stone. Treat them as what you want them to treat you. Always response with a respectful tone even when your pressured. Respect even if they dont give it back to you.

9. God-fearing- the fear of the Lord is the beginning of knowledge. Please first God then your CI, classmates and patients. In this way you will view them as God intended them to be: beings made in the image of God.

10.Have a servant spirit- cultivate this attitude and it will eventually become a habit when your in the real world. It is what you really are called to be. That is an example Christ gave to everyone specially his followers.



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