Considering Masterals

21 04 2009

One good reason for pursuing a masters degree is for your job promotion or higher salary.After all you have to sit a couple of hours in Saturday or Sunday to get that. You have to endure some lectures and reaction papers from your professors. And thats it. Isnt? But is their anything more that? Well if your planning or in a gradute school program, here are some practical tips you might consider to making the most of masterals degree.

1. Have a mind set that you have to learn. Isn’t that a good reason why you want to go back to school? Bear in mind that the enviroment is quite different from your college days. This is the time for you to refresh your mind and learn up to date technique for you to apply in your workplace.

2. Make the most of the benefits and privilages you have. Get your moneys worth. Check what you have paid. Does it include Library and Internet fees? Well, use it to read books or surf the internet for related or even not related to your masterals but will help your work place or your home. Access the graduate school section. You dont have that kind of time in your work,right? Now its the time for you to feed your mind with knowledge.

3. Get into a lively discussion. You may catch some great ideas in a class discussion but it will be more beneficial if your voice will be heard. Its good to practice such. If your ideas are not that kind of “stimulating” dont worry the class wont stoned you to death, atleast you express your opinion. But look out, some might expound it and give you helpful insights that you can use.

4. Make friends with your classmates and professors. Hey your not on distance learning, right? It will be a great gradute school experience to have friends than a lone ranger going in and out of the class. They will lighten your burden in research, updates, exams and class reports.

5. It a great opportunity for you to share the gospel. God made every opportunity in your life to share His free gift of salvation to others. If your a Christian, its a great time to do it in a campus setting for their are many people you can reach. The author has done this by giving gospel tracts and donating Christian books to the library. If your not yet a Christian, maybe this is the time to consider to be saved and be used by God. Check the “The Bad News” of this section to know more.

Your masterals study will help your present career. But have you consider it also for the advancement of God’s Kingdom? Please make it one today. It will really make a difference.

–scout,is 29 yrs old goverment employee and also the one who maintains this blog. He took up two masterals degree in a college in Batangas City. You can reach him by e-mail:



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